TGS Baltic is the best law firm in the Baltic States according to project management

05 / 17

According to independent survey by Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review 2017 Baltics, project management is one of the most important criteria for business clients when choosing a law firm. Having surveyed over 300 business organisations in the Baltic States, the survey company TNS Sifo Prospera established that clients consider TGS Baltic as the best law firm according to project management.

The survey was performed by the Swedish survey company TNS Sifo Prospera in March 2017, during it CEO's and Heads of legal departments of 304 major Lithuanian companies, that used services of law firms in the recent year and spent significant amounts for these services, were surveyed.

“Effective project management helps us to ensure exceptional quality of services and timely solution of complicated tasks.  We are glad that clients evaluated our long-term efforts to improve business processes and introduce the most modern project management systems”, Eugenija Sutkienė, the Management Partner of TGS Baltic, says.