Aldaris (Carlsberg group company) restructures operations in Latvia

01.01.2014 Aldaris (Carlsberg group company) restructures operations in Latvia

TGS Baltic assisted AS Aldaris (Carlsberg group company) in complete restructuring of its operations in Latvia relocating production of plastic beer bottles to Carlsberg subsidiaries in Lithuania and Estonia and to other countries and continuing production in Latvia only of high quality beer production (exclusive brands of beer) and innovations – plastic bottle beer production via modernized Aldaris historic brewery by investing MEUR 3 into the most technologically advanced equipment in the Baltics.

Due to narrowing the range of its products produced in Latvia, Aldaris has commenced a layoff of 59 workers, allocating more than MEUR 1.4 for different support programmes and compensations for them.

AS Aldaris plans to seek different creative solutions for the production of high quality beer brands in Riga and to further increase its 14% market share in the exclusive beer brand sector in Latvia.

AS Aldaris contributions to the state budget will not change in the near future and will remain MEUR 17 per year due to the increase in corporate income tax contributions that will compensate social security tax reduction.