Northway Group Unique and Long-Term Legal Solutions

01.01.2014 Northway Group Unique and Long-Term Legal Solutions

TGS Baltic is the main legal advisor of Northway Group, which consists of 11 companies dealing in pharmacy and biotechnologies, provision of health care services and investments.

Group companies include Biotechpharma, the largest biopharmaceutical and healthcare service provider in Lithuania, as well as Northway Medical Centers, Northway Surgical Centers and Baltic Medical Centre Ltd operating in London.

The firm's lawyers have been advising Northway Group companies for many years on  issues related to medical legislation, preparation of corporate and activity documents, and  development of unique national and interstate health care service provision models. We have represented the companies at the Ministry of Health and subordinate state institutions.

Biotechpharma is a biopharmaceutical contract development service provider. The company has state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities to support diverse projects at any stage of development. It has expertise in biotechnological drug substance and drug product development as well as GMP compliant manufacturing.

Northway Medical Centers is one of Lithuania's largest private providers of comprehensive medical, day surgery and rehabilitation services.