TGS Baltic advised AUGA group, AB

30.08.2018 TGS Baltic advised AUGA group, AB

TGS Baltic advised AUGA group, AB and its largest shareholder Baltic Champs Group, UAB, in implementing a secondary public offering (SPO) of shares of the company in Lithuania, as well as admitting new shares to trading on Polish and Lithuanian markets (on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and AB Nasdaq Vilnius), and transferring all its shares from the Additional Trading List to the Official Trading List. 

During the preparatory stage of SPO, TGS Baltic Real Estate team performed legal due diligence of thousands of real estate items, e.g., approx. 38,000 ha of agricultural land, managed by subsidiary companies of AUGA group, AB. Legal due diligence and its report, i.e. our Real Estate team’s findings, possible risks, implications and solutions regarding real estate objects owned by the client were used for the preparation of the prospectus of SPO.

AUGA group is one of the largest companies in Europe providing organic food products that operates by the ‘from field to shelf’ principle. After the implementation of this SPO, the company and its largest shareholder pooled a total amount of EUR 36 million. That was the largest SPO in Lithuania.