TGS Baltic advised InMedica group, Lithuania's largest provider of private medical services, to acquire the "Panevėžio odontologai" clinic

05.04.2024 TGS Baltic advised InMedica group, Lithuania's largest provider of private medical services, to acquire the "Panevėžio odontologai" clinic

InMedica group continues its earlier expansion in the field of dental services and acquired Panevėžio odontologai, a dental clinic operating in Panevėžys. This is the second dental clinic acquired by the Group in Panevėžys and the fifth in Lithuania.

“The dental services offered at most InMedica clinics include primary dental care and focus on uncomplicated treatment. However, as the market demand for secondary level and broader spectrum dental services is growing rapidly, we are making a strategic move to expand the continuity of these services to other cities from 2022.

Patients of Panevėžys are one of our priorities, therefore, in order to provide them with even better accessibility of services, professional assistance and all dental services in one place, we have acquired the Panevėžio odontologai, which is known as one of the largest and strongest clinics in the region,” says Kęstutis Broniukaitis, CEO of InMedica group.

The clinic has been in operation since 1959, and as a result, it has built up a large and loyal patient base, with a staff of 39 – dentists, oral surgeons, a periodontist, oral hygienists, dental technicians, dental assistants, receptionists, and administrative staff. The clinic has a modern dental laboratory, which produces dentures.

“Our goal is to maintain the highest quality of our services, paying special attention to the range of services, equipment and continuous development of our specialists’ competences. We appreciate the long-term work of the clinic team, which has earned the trust of patients, and we promise to further develop it so that our investment becomes an additional motivation to work here and will be of full benefit,” emphasises K. Broniukaitis.

According to Dainius Kisielius, CEO of Panevėžio odontologai, more than sixty years of accumulated experience and constant attention to the growing needs of patients have enabled the clinic to overcome any challenges and to maintain the highest quality of services, while continuously raising its bar.

“I am confident that InMedica group will continue to nurture and smoothly continue the clinic’s activities, and that its experience in the field of dentistry will open up even wider opportunities and accessibility of services for many patients,” shares D. Kisielius.

Last year, the revenue of Panevėžio odontologai amounted to EUR 2.4 million, and it is expected to grow this year.

The InMedica group network of clinics has been providing dental services for many years. Currently, patients can receive dental services at 66 InMedica Group clinics in 24 cities across the country, including 6 specialised dental clinics, including Panevėžio odontologai. Patients treated in the Group’s dental clinics can be referred to specialised clinics if needed.

Panevėžio odontologai was represented by Glimstedt and InMedica group was represented by TGS Baltic in the acquisition transaction.