TGS Baltic successfully represented VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai

19.11.2020 TGS Baltic successfully represented VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai

TGS Baltic successfully represented VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai in a dispute with Active Construction Management BUAB (former UAB Irdaiva) over major repairs carried out in Vilnius Airport.

In the case at hand, Active Construction Management BUAB brought a statement of claim on cancellation of offsets, recognition of withholding of monetary funds as unlawful, award of the debt and default interest for additional works. VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai lodged a counterclaim against Active Construction Management BUAB for award of penalties.

The Supreme Court of Lithuania by its ruling of 13 November 2020 rejected the cassation appeal of Active Construction Management BUAB and upheld the judgements delivered by lower courts, rejecting the statement of claim of Active Construction Management BUAB and upholding the counterclaim of VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai in full.

The complexity of the case manifested in a number of cross-cutting issues related to legal relationships of contract works and assessment of public procurement matters, establishment of the contractor’s civil liability. A few expert conclusions were presented, large volumes of documents pertaining to technical factual questions of performance of contract works were examined in the case.

Associate partner Žydrūnė Stuglytė, associate partner Karolis Smaliukas and associate Berta Kašėtaitė worked on the case.

Lithuanian Airports is a state enterprise which unites and manages Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports, develops the activities of the three airports in a coordinated manner, offers a wide range of services, as well as high standards of the quality of service rendered to passengers and partners.