The court acquitted Daiva Ulbinaitė, former advisor to the President of Lithuania

12.01.2015 The court acquitted Daiva Ulbinaitė, former advisor to the President of Lithuania

The Vilnius City Local Court brought in a verdict of "not guilty" for Daiva Ulbinaitė, former chief advisor to the President Dalia Grybauskaitė, who was defended by the Firm's attorney-at-law specializing in white-collar crimes Giedrius Danėlius.

Daiva Ulbinaitė was accused of disclosing a state secret and abuse of office. The Vilnius City Local Court decided to hold Daiva Ulbinaitė not guilty with regard to both the accusations as Daiva Ulbinaitė did not commit the criminal acts she was accused of.

“In applying interception of telephone calls, the requirements of the proportionality principle were not complied with. And the public prosecutors failed to present evidence confirming the fault of the accused, her fault is not confirmed either by individual pieces of evidence or by their entirety”, attorney-at-law Giedrius Danėlius from law firm TGS Baltic said.

“In this case the panel of judges decided that the freedom of the press and the protection of the journalist’s source were important. The case was not about a situation which could have posed threat for a vital interest of the society or a person, therefore the court did not obligate the journalist to disclose the information she had”, the attorney-at-law added.

Attorney-at-law Giedrius Danėlius, who is the head of the white collar practice group in law firm TGS Baltic, defended Daiva Ulbinaitė from the moment she was notified that she was a suspect, during the whole process of pre-trial investigation and during the criminal proceedings.

The white collar practice was established to support the firm’s corporate clients. The practice group represents clients in all stages of the criminal process in the most complex cases concerning financial, economic and other crimes.