Alīna Lepere

Alīna Lepere

Associate, Trade Mark Attorney
Riga, Latvia
  • About

    Alīna specializes in Corporate & Commercial, IP & Media, Mergers & Acquisitions, Pharmaceutical & Medical Law and Labour Law.

  • Major Projects
    • 01.01.2020

      From 2018 to 2020, TGS Baltic provided legal assistance to several clients in large-scale money laundering cases

      In 2018-2020, legal assistance was provided to several clients, including a credit institution of the Republic of Latvia, residents of the Republic of Latvia, and foreign countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Azerbaijan, Portugal, etc.) – private individuals and legal entities in large-scale, up to several billion, money laundering cases.

    • 21.11.2019

      TGS Baltic provides legal assistance in money laundering matters

      Legal assistance was provided both in the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Latvia during contesting of the orders of the Financial Intelligence Unit regarding the freezing of funds and in the later stages of the case performing the necessary actions in criminal proceedings, including preparing explanations to justify the legality of frozen and seized funds.

    • 09.10.2019

      TGS Baltic provides legal assistance in the development of guidelines for anti-money laundering measures.

      Taking into account the topicality of the issue of prevention of money laundering, development of money laundering prevention measures: guidelines, internal rules, procedures has been the object of clients' interest in 2019 - 2020. The attorneys of the law firm have developed risk assessment, policies, and procedures for financial institutions to prevent money laundering and terrorist and proliferation financing.

    • 01.01.2019

      TGS Baltic provides legal assistance in the field of crime taxation

      In the period from 2018 to 2020, legal assistance has been provided in criminal proceedings, in which management board members and the accountant of several related companies have been accused of tax evasion and subsequent money laundering. The allegation is based, inter alia, on the consideration that a number of fictitious agreements have been concluded between several related companies, the existence of which has led to a reduction in the corporate tax base.

    • Advising pharmaceutical companies

      Advising pharmaceutical companies on the legal framework governing advertising of medicines and the medicines compensation system, representation in court the Latvian Ministry of Health.

    • Advising and drafting contracts for daily business needs

      Advising and drafting contracts for daily business needs with regard to employment, lease, services, purchase, loans, etc.

    • Legal support in use of Intellectual Property (Industrial Property and Copyright)

      Legal support in use of Intellectual Property (Industrial Property and Copyright), including registration of trade marks, legal disputes, contracts of transfer of rights and licensing, advising on use of trade secrets.

    • Legal support in foundation of companies, structuring corporate bodies, share capital increase, reorganization and liquidation

  • CV

    Professional career

    Since 2019
    Associate/Trade Mark Attorney, law firm TGS Baltic
    2015 – 2019
    European Trade Mark Attorney, law firm Triniti
    2014 – 2019
    Latvian Trade Mark Attorney, law firm Triniti
    2011 – 2019
    Associate, law firm Triniti


    University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, Master of Law


    Member of the Association of Patent Attorneys of Latvia