Indrė Mažeikaitė

Indrė Mažeikaitė

Vilnius, Lithuania



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    Indrė Mažeikaitė is an associate at TGS Baltic. She has been working at the law firm since 2017 and specializes in the field of employment law, which involves representing clients in disputes and negotiations, and consulting on various employment law issues. Indre also delivers presentations at events and seeks to expand her knowledge by participating in conferences and seminars. In 2019 Indrė joined the Lithuanian Bar Association as an Assistant Attorney at Law.

  • Major Projects
    • 01.04.2022

      TGS Baltic has successfully defended interests of a group of employees against Ryanair in the court of first instance

      10 former employees of Ryanair were unlawfully dismissed. The employer, in the course of transfer of a part of the business, did not offer the employees the same employment conditions with the new employer (the business assignee), but decided to dismiss employees due to excessive work functions. Employees, as flight attendants, were not given extended annual leave while working for Ryanair, either.

    • 15.12.2021

      TGS Baltic successfully represented Biorro in an unfair competition case

      The TGS Baltic team successfully proved to both the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal Instance that former employees of Biorro, acting through another company, unfairly disclosed and exploited trade secrets of the company, and thus poached one of the company's clients.


    • 27.10.2021

      TGS Baltic advised Audimas, Lithuanian sports clothing manufacturer, on business separation and establishing a real estate management company  

      We advised Audimas, Lithuanian sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer, on separating manufacturing and trading companies and establishing a real estate management company.

    • 23.07.2021

      TGS Baltic advised Light Conversion on the sale of 25% of shares to 7-Industries

      We advised the founders of Light Conversion, one of the world's leading manufacturers of femtosecond lasers, on the sale of 25% of shares to the Israeli based family office 7-Industries.

    • Advises

      Advises, a cloud resource web development platform.

    • Advised SBA group

      Advised SBA group on various issues related to the implementation of the new Labour Code and various employment law issues.

  • CV

    Professional career

    Since 2020
    Associate, Attorney Assistant, law firm TGS Baltic
    Since 2019
    Junior Associate, Attorney Assistant, law firm TGS Baltic
    2017 – 2019
    Legal assistant, law firm TGS Baltic


    Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, Master of Law
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