Priit Lätt

Priit Lätt

Head of the IP/IT Practice group
Tallinn, Estonia

Priit Lätt is a Partner who is responsible for the fields of IP/IT, tax disputes and public procurement in Estonia.

  • About

    Priit is a renowned specialist in IP, IT (including the internet of things and cryptocurrencies), tax and public procurement law, representing and advising Estonian and international companies and public institutions. Priit also has significant experience in representing clients in disputes which have created precedents at the Supreme Court, including the constitutional review chamber. Among other things, Priit has represented a client in Estonia’s biggest software dispute and in Estonia’s first bitcoin-related legal regulation lawsuit. Priit also successfully represented a client in a trademark dispute, in which the Supreme Court declared several important provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, and Government Regulations that established limits to legal expenses in civil disputes, as invalid and unconstitutional.

    Priit participated as the only attorney in a public and private sector work group, which for the first time in Estonia developed a recommended standard contract for the public procurement of software development. Priit has given many presentations at seminars and conferences, and has published articles on several legal issues. He is also a lecturer in the IT law training program at the University of Tartu on the subject of IT contracts.

    The Tax Directors Handbook has included Priit Lätt in the top 250 tax attorneys in the world since 2009.

    The Guide to the World’s Leading Tax Advisers has recognised Priit Lätt as one of the world’s leading tax advisers.

    Priit is a founder and board member in numerous professional associations (e.g the Internet of Things and Estonian Cryptocurrency Association). He is also a member of the IP/IT commission of the Estonian Bar Association.

  • Major Projects
    • 20.03.2024

      TGS Baltic advised Soldera, the creator of the renewable energy certificate of origin management platform

      TGS Baltic advised the Estonian company Soldera and helped launch the first renewable energy certificate of origin management platform in Estonia.

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