Triin Kaurov

Triin Kaurov

Head of Regulatory Practice Group
Co-Head of Energy Practice Group
Tartu, Estonia

Triin Kaurov receives warm praise from clients via Chambers Europe, one of whom states "She has a detailed, focused approach and goes beyond what is expected. I recommend her highly." Triin Kaurov is praised for her dispute resolution work, both in litigation and at the pre-court stage. The firm's employment law practice benefits from Triin Kaurov's background in dispute resolution and public law, states Chambers Europe.

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  • About

    Triin Kaurov has long-term and significant experience in advising clients on administrative and civil matters and representing them in related disputes. Her expertise is highly regarded among clients both in matters related to daily business activities as well as in making strategically important decisions. Triin has excellent experience and knowledge of how various sectors function, having advised and represented both entrepreneurs and public authorities in the field of public administration. She has given legal advice in many complex and multi-faceted legislative matters regarding permits, licensing requirements and enforcement issues.

    Triin has represented clients in special regulative fields, such as electronic communications, electricity, postal services and water regulation, and waste management. She also has considerable experience in providing legal advice in the field of public procurement.

    Triin has drafted several legal analyses, including an analysis of the draft amendments to the law, the relevance and appropriateness of the transposition of the provisions of the European Commission Directive into Estonian legislation and the constitutionality of the Administrative Reform Act. She represented 24 Estonian municipalities in the Supreme Court in the constitutional review of the Administrative Reform Act, and nine municipalities in challenging the forced merger decisions made by the Government of Estonia.

    Triin also has broad experience in employment law. She has worked as a HR lawyer and knows what human resources managers deal with and how to legally resolve or prevent risks associated with personnel. Triin has extensive experience in drafting employment and management contracts, confidentiality and non-competition agreements and representing clients in related disputes. She has advised on matters relating to temporary agency work, secondment to a foreign country, collective agreements, as well as advised and represented clients in complex occupational health and safety disputes.

  • Major Projects
    • 03.01.2024

      TGS Baltic assisted Enefit Green AS with selling Brocēni pellet mill and cogeneration plant in Latvia to Warmeston OU, the leading Estonian wood pellet producer.

      Enefit Green AS has agreed to divest Brocēni pellet mill and biomass CHP plant to Warmeston OU by selling 100% shares of Enefit Green SIA (now Warmeston SIA) and SIA Technological Solutions. Brocēni business includes a pellet mill and a biomass cogeneration plant, both built in 2016.

    • 29.11.2023

      TGS Baltic assisted Enefit Green AS with selling Paide and Valka district heating businesses in Estonia and Latvia to AS Utilitas Eesti, Estonia's largest district heating company.

      Enefit Green AS has agreed to divest Paide and Valka district heating businesses to AS Utilitas Eesti by divesting Paide business and 100% shares in the Valka district heating company SIA Enefit Power & Heat Valka. In Paide, the transaction consists of a district heating enterprise whose assets include a cogeneration plant commissioned in 2015, a biomass boiler plant, a reserve boiler house, and a solar park.

    • 22.11.2023

      TGS Baltic advised the Environmental Investment Centre on the development of a EUR 49 million hydrogen measure

      The TGS Baltic team advised the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) on developing new support for the deployment of green hydrogen in the transport and industrial sectors. The purpose of EIC’s green hydrogen call for proposal is to test the introduction of green hydrogen in Estonian conditions from production to final consumption.

    • 24.10.2023

      TGS Baltic advised the private equity fund BaltCap on the acquisition of VKG Elektrivõrgud

      TGS Baltic advised BaltCap, the leading Baltic private equity fund on entering into the agreement for the acquisition of VKG Elektrivõrgud. VKG Elektrivõrgud is the second largest regulated distribution network in Estonia after the state-owned Elektrilevi.

    • 02.06.2023

      TGS Baltic advised the Estonian national postal service provider Eesti Post (Omniva) on the purchase of certain assets from Parcelsea.

      TGS Baltic advised the Estonian national postal service provider Eesti Post (Omniva) on the purchase of certain assets (network of smart mailboxes and related IP rights) from Parcelsea (Estonian based startup concentrating on developing innovative delivery solutions). TGS Baltic advised the client during the entire transaction, from assisting the client during due diligence exercise until drafting, negotiating and closing of the transaction documents.

    • 27.04.2022

      Successfully represented AS Tartu Agro in Supreme Court

      TGS Baltic senior associates Triin Kaurov and Triinu Järviste represented AS Tartu Agro in the Estonian Supreme Court as a result of which, the Ministry of Rural Affairs must give out a legal opinion concerning the decision of the European Commission on unlawful state aid made against Tartu Agro. The team also included Mari-Liis Orav and Robin Luts.

    • 10.01.2022

      TGS Baltic advised the City of Tartu and Tartu 2024 Foundation on granting support concerning the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme

      TGS Baltic is proud to announce that we advised the City of Tartu and Tartu 2024 Foundation on organising the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme. TGS Baltic’s team consisting of Triinu Järviste, Triin Kaurov, Mari-Liis Orav, Peeter Viirsalu, and Katri Paas-Mohando advised Tartu 2024 Foundation and the City of Tartu on preparing for and carrying out the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 project support.

    • 19.12.2021

      Advising and representing Elering

      Advising and representing Elering, who is in charge of issuing green energy state subsidies, in guaranteeing the green energy subsidies are in conformance with all EU state aid rules.

    • 04.10.2021

      Advising the Ministry of Environment

      Advising the Ministry of Environment on a wide range of legal aspects related to planning and financing the construction of new environmentally friendly office premises to the ministry, its subordinate institutions and the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The new building is planned as state of art sample of Estonian wooden architecture, encompassing many innovative and sustainable construction methods.

    • 20.04.2020

      Representing Environment Investment Centre

      Representing Environment Investment Centre in shaping and modelling a subsidy system for 50 million EUR to encourage the development of production and use of hydrogen in Estonia.

    • 19.02.2020

      Preparation of an analysis of the legal regulation of the forest sales regime to the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

      This case was especially important for environmental purposes as the analysis had great importance on how State Forest Management Centre manages sits the vast amount of forests as the property of the state and guarantees their best management.

    • 04.10.2018

      Advising Posti on Estonian law aspects during the acquisition of Transval

      TGS Baltic’s M&A team led by partner Kadri Kallas advised Posti, the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland, on Estonian contract law and employment law aspects regarding acquiring the in-house logistics company Suomen Transval Group. The transaction is subject to the approval of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

    • 30.08.2018

      Advising Elering in signing 60MEUR agreements for building Balticconnector compressor stations

      The firm advised Estonian electricity and gas system operator Elering in entering into contracts worth approximately 60 million euros for the construction of the Paldiski compressor station serving the Estonia-Finland Balticconnector gas link and the Puiatu compressor station serving the Estonia-Latvia connection.

    • 11.07.2017

      The town of Loksa, Nõo municipality and Luunja municipality escaped forced merger

      The firm’s lawyers led by Triin Raudsepp successfully represented Nõo municipality, Luunja municipality and the town of Loksa in dealings with the government regarding the forced merger proposed by the government.

    • 21.12.2016

      The Supreme Court issued a favourable decision in the main matter of Administrative Reform Act

      Attorney at law and senior partner Paul Varul led the team that represented the twenty-three municipalities in the Estonian Supreme Court in the matters regarding Administrative Reform Act, stating that the reform violates the constitutional rights of municipalities in too many points.

    • 29.11.2016

      Advising Cybernetica on selling navigation systems business unit to a Canadian corporation

      The firm’s M&A team led by associate partner Sander Kärson advised Cybernetica in selling its navigation systems business unit, including EKTA branded products and contracts, to Carmanah Technologies Corporation.

    • Advising and representing regarding the abandonment of restrictions on nature reserves

      Advising and representing private individuals in disputes regarding the abandonment of restrictions on nature reserves, the exchange of land containing a nature conservation object or acquisition of the state.

    • Advising on applying for state benefits and benefits from the EU

      Advising private individuals on applying for state benefits and benefits from the European Union in the field of agriculture and rural development, benefits of the European Fisheries Fund and organisation of markets, as well as in disputes in this area.

    • Advising Eesti Kalatootjate Keskühistu on various issues

      Advising Eesti Kalatootjate Keskühistu on various issues, including the conclusion of an energy sales contract for the Paldiski Fish Processing Plant.

    • Advising and representing the University of Tartu concerning employment law

      Advising and representing the University of Tartu on various issues and disputes concerning employment law, including regarding the requirement that all lecturers working under employment contract should have PhD degree.

    • Representing regarding planning and construction law

      Representing private individuals and local governments in disputes regarding planning and construction law, including representing Ülenurme municipality government in a dispute regarding the dismissal of the order for refusal to initiate a detailed plan, and representing Albatrek in challenging the comprehensive plan of Tartu’s city centre.

    • Representing 24 Estonian regarding the administrative reform

      Representing 24 Estonian municipalities in high-profile constitutional disputes against the Republic of Estonia concerning the lawfulness of the administrative reform, i.e. forced mergers of municipalities. The ruling of the Supreme Court enabled several municipalities to evade a forced merger, i.e. to remain independent municipalities.

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    Administrative Law Commission of Estonian Bar Association
    Estonian Bar Association

    Professional career

    Since 2022
    Partner, law firm TGS Baltic
    Associate Partner, law firm TGS Baltic
    Senior Associate, law firm TGS Baltic (formerly Varul)
    Senior Associate, law firm Varul
    Senior Associate, law firm Glimstedt (formerly Glimstedt Straus & Partnerid)
    Associate, law firm Glimstedt Straus & Partnerid
    Associate, law firm Bachmann & Partnerid
    Lawyer, law firm Bachmann & Partnerid
    Human Resources Lawyer, University of Tartu


    University of Tartu, Faculty of Economy, Financial Management, MBA
    University of Tartu, Faculty of Law, mag. iur.
    University of Tartu, Faculty of Law, BA
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