Vytautas Zelianka

Vytautas Zelianka

Chief Expert
Vilnius, Lithuania


  • About

    Vytautas Zelianka, Chief Expert at TGS Baltic, specializes in dispute resolution. Vytautas has more than 21 years of experience as a judge: prior to joining the firm, Vytautas was a judge of the Civil Cases Division of the Court of Appeal of Lithuania. He was also the chairman and a judge of the Vilnius Regional Court, worked in the Vilnius City 3rd District Court and the District Court of Zarasai District, also in the Ministry of the Interior.

    Moreover, Vytautas has priceless experience as a member of the Judicial Council, working in the European Patent Office and the EU Intellectual Property Office in working groups of judges of the EU Member States in order to unify the practice of application of trademark and design law.

    Vytautas is one of the most experienced judges in Lithuania, who has examined significant, complicated and headline-making cases during his career.

  • Major Projects
    • 20.04.2022

      TGS Baltic successfully defended the interests of Klaipėdos nafta before the court of first instance

      TGS Baltic team represented the client, one of the largest energy resources logistics companies in the Baltic States, in the court of first instance, proving that the company's shares were legally granted to its employees: the transactions comply with legal regulations and international practice.

  • CV

    Professional career

    From 2021
    Chief Expert, law firm TGS Baltic
    Judge, Court of Appeal of Lithuania, Civil Cases Division
    President of the Court, Vilnius Regional Court
    Judge, Vilnius Regional Court
    Judge, the Vilnius City 3rd District Court
    Judge, the District Court of Zarasai District
    Candidate for District Court Judges, the District Court of Zarasai District
    Service at the office within the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania


    Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, Master of Law


    Member, Judicial Council
    Member, Judicial Court of Honour