Chirag Mody joins TGS Baltic

29.11.2018 Chirag Mody joins TGS Baltic

Chirag Mody, who previously worked at law firm Ellex Raidla, joins TGS Baltic’s litigation team as Senior Associate.

"In the middle of numerous consolidations in the past years, TGS Baltic is one of the few top firms that has grown on its own since 1994 without merging with any local firms. For us to consistently show better financial results, a joint effort by many outstandingly talented people is needed. I am very happy that Chirag wants to further his career in TGS Baltic," said Martin Tamme, Managing Partner of TGS Baltic in Estonia.

Chirag Mody specialises in civil and administrative court proceedings, bankruptcy law, cross-border disputes and arbitration. During his career, he has represented clients both in local and cross-border large-scale arbitration disputes. For example, he has represented the Republic of Estonia in an investment arbitration case (ICSID) against Tallinna Vesi, Estonia’s largest water supply and wastewater collection and treatment service company, and its investors in the largest investment arbitration case against the Republic of Estonia to date. He also has longstanding experience in projects related to the electricity and natural gas fields, for example, he has been advising Elering on complex and technical energy law issues for many years.

"It is of course a great opportunity to work alongside my former professor Paul Varul, but the main reason for joining TGS Baltic is my ambition to be a part of one of the strongest litigation teams on the market towards whom I have felt a great deal of professional admiration," Chirag Mody explains.

"Chirag has this passion that separates an average attorney from an excellent one. His experience in solving prominent disputes and his academic work at the University of Tartu show that he is precisely the kind of talent that complements our team. Chirag is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant young generation attorneys in Estonia at the moment," said Paul Varul, founder and Senior Partner of TGS Baltic.

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