Competition in the Baltics - what to know in 2021?

Competition in the Baltics - what to know in 2021?

18.03 2021

The webinar will take place in Zoom platform.

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The year 2021 will present challenges and opportunities for Baltic companies. To keep up with the pace, companies active across the Baltics need to be aware of the recent changes and most current issues in the competitive scene. Please come and join us at a virtual seminar where we discuss issues every company should know about competing in the Baltics in the year 2021.

The webinar will take place in Zoom platform.

Recent cases and topical issues:
✔ Limiting the trade in Baltics
✔ Platform markets in the Baltics
✔ Surprising competition infringements
✔ Solutions and possibilities in Baltic commerce

The discussion is lead and practical guidelines will be given by:
Triinu Järviste and Katri Paas-Mohando from Estonia
Lauras Butkevičius from Lithuania
Māra Stabulniece-Veldruma and Vladlena Rudusāne-Simiča from Latvia.

The presentations will take place from 10.00-12.00. The link for the webinar will be sent before the start of the webinar to the registered participants via e-mail.

Please register to participate in the event by Tuesday 16th March by e-mailing or using the registration form here below.

We also look forward to receiving your questions beforehand by e-mail (

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  • Triinu Järviste Triinu Järviste

    Senior Associate

    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Katri Paas-Mohando Katri Paas-Mohando

    Senior Associate

    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Māra Stabulniece-Veldruma Māra Stabulniece-Veldruma

    Senior Associate, Co-head of Competition practice group

    Riga, Latvia
  • Vladlena Rudusāne-Simiča Vladlena Rudusāne-Simiča

    Vladlena Rudusāne-Simiča

    Riga, Latvia
  • Dr. Lauras Butkevičius Dr. Lauras Butkevičius

    Partner, Head of EU, Competition & Regulatory specialisation group

    Vilnius, Lithuania