D. Augaitė – new Associate Partner at TGS Baltic

08.09.2022 D. Augaitė – new Associate Partner at TGS Baltic

At the beginning of September, TGS Baltic team was joined by Associate Partner Dalia Augaitė, who is an expert in capital markets and financial law. She specialises in developing securities and investment insurance products.

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With almost twenty years of legal experience, D. Augaitė specialises in capital markets and financial sector, advises clients on issuance and listing of bonds, securitisation, development of investment life insurance products and other capital markets and investment issues.

“For me, law is the language of logic. When business no longer finds a logical link with each other or with regulators, a lawyer is the one who helps to move forward,” this is how the new TGS Baltic Associate Partner describes the role of a lawyer.

D. Augaitė started her legal career in the banking sector, in Swedbank and SEB, where she worked on projects related to the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and the introduction of the euro.

For the past six years, D. Augaitė worked in law firm Sorainen, where she was in charge of the capital markets issues. During this period, she participated in many projects related to the issuance of bond issues and their listing on the Nasdaq-regulated and First North markets. She advised the Ministry of Finance in preparing the draft Law on Securitization and Covered Bonds and preparing recommendations for the Lithuanian sustainable (green) financial actions plan and proposals for improving the Lithuanian investment environment for institutional investors.

“I am delighted to join this team of professionals! I am confident I will not only be able to advise clients on their business development issues, but also to improve Lithuania's regulatory environment and participate in projects promoting the development of Lithuanian capital markets,” says D. Augaitė.

Currently, TGS Baltic unites 31 Partners and 11 Associate Partners in the three Baltic States, including 16 Partners and 9 Associate Partners in Lithuania.