Dalia Tamašauskaitė-Žilienė became a partner in law firm TGS Baltic

04.01.2018 Dalia Tamašauskaitė-Žilienė became a partner in law firm TGS Baltic

Dalia Tamašauskaitė-Žilienė has joined the team of Partners in law firm TGS Baltic. The advocate Dalia Tamašauskaitė-Žilienė was an Associate Partner in the firm previously, she specialized in M&A practice group. Dalia also greatly contributed to projects in the areas of corporate law, finances, pharmacy and health care law.

“I am proud that Dalia, working in the law firm for a number of years, has grown to be an outstanding professional highly appreciated both by clients and colleagues. She meets all requirements for a Partner of the law firm – she perfectly understands our mission and values, is loyal to the law firm and its team. Dalia enjoys her work and is very self-demanding. It is delightful that we have such a generation of professionals growing in the firm”, Eugenija Sutkienė, the Managing Partner of TGS Baltic, said.

Dalia has over 15 years of legal experience, she has advised clients on numerous complicated complex mergers and acquisitions. She is not only a qualified lawyer but also a certified project manager.

Other career changes within the law firm include five new Associate Partners and the same number of new Senior Associates, who have improved their knowledge and skills working at the firm. New Associate Partners: Albertas Šekštelo, Dr. Darius Miniotas, Dr. Ieva Povilaitienė, Dr. Paulius Zapolskis and Marius Brasiūnas.