New Competition Rules for Distribution and Supply Chains

New Competition Rules for Distribution and Supply Chains

01.06 2022

Online event

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1. The most important changes every practitioner and undertaking should pay attention to in the new regulation

  • Readjustment of the safe harbour under the VBER
  • Guidance for a business environment reshaped by the growth of e-commerce and online platforms
  • Reduced compliance costs for businesses by simplifying complex areas of the current rules and streamlining the existing guidance

2. Doing business with your competitor: key rules to know when a producer is also a distributor

  • Most common mistakes in contracts in such a “dual distribution” scenario
  • Practical guidelines on what to say and not to say in day-to-day negotiations
  • Building an information firewall inside a company
  • What changes in the new regulation?

3. Online platform regulation: how to market, price, sell and re-sell products on-line

  • Key new rules on online platforms
  • Product pricing 101: comparison & monitoring apps, price parity clauses, product pricing on-line
  • Navigating online marketing options in distribution agreements

4. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly“ in active sales

  • When active sales must be allowed or may be restricted?
  • What rules to follow in different business models: exclusive, selective or combination of distribution models?
  • Online sales and practicalities in the context of active sales

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  • Johannes Holzwarth Johannes Holzwarth

    Case Handler Officer, DG Competition, European Commission

  • Kassiani Christodoulou Kassiani Christodoulou

    Case Handler Officerm DG Competition, European Commission

  • Triinu Järviste Triinu Järviste

    TGS Baltic counsel, head of Competition and State Aid Practice group in Estonia

  • Vladlena Rudusāne-Simiča Vladlena Rudusāne-Simiča

    TGS Baltic associate in Latvia

  • Rita Paukštė Rita Paukštė

    TGS Baltic, associate partner, co-head of EU, Competition & Regulatory Specialisation Group in Lithuania