Preparing for the Worst: Data Incidents Response

Preparing for the Worst: Data Incidents Response


11.02 2022


TGA webinar 2022 02 11 v2

TGS Baltic team invites you to always expect the best yet be prepared for the worst. Together with PR and IT specialists we will share the best advice on how to handle data incidents. 

Our Baltic data protection and privacy experts, Mindaugas Civilka, Mari-Liis Orav, and Arina Stivriņa, will help you understand the legal aspects of IT incidents, while Arijus Katauskas, Managing Partner at Nova Media, will cover the PR aspects of data incidents that could easily lead to a media crisis. Invaluable expertise will also be shared by cyber operations expert Aleksei Gornõi who has gathered various lessons learnt from IT crisis management in action. 

  • Overview of legal, business and IT aspects of data incidents, TGS Baltic data protection and privacy experts, 
  • Data incident: crisis management with no data, Arijus Katauskas, managing partner at advertising agency Nova Media (Lithuania).
  • IT crisis management know-how in action, Aleksei Gornõi, cyber operations expert (UK).

The webinar will take place at 13.00-15.00. The link for the webinar will be sent before the start of the webinar to the registered participants via e-mail. 

Please register to participate in the event by e-mailing or using the registration form here below. 

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  • Arijus Katauskas Arijus Katauskas

    Nova Media, Managing Partner

  • Mari-Liis Orav Mari-Liis Orav

    TGS Baltic, Senior Associate, Head of Data Protection Practice Group

  • Aleksei Gornõi Aleksei Gornõi

    Cyber operations expert

    United Kingdom
  • Arina Stivriņa Arina Stivriņa

    TGS Baltic, Associate, Co-Head of Data Protection Practice Group

  • Mindaugas Civilka Mindaugas Civilka

    TGS Baltic, Partner, Head of Technology Industry Group