TGS Baltic celebrates its 30th birthday

06.06.2022 TGS Baltic celebrates its 30th birthday

TGS Baltic, one of the pioneers of business law in Lithuania, celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Starting as a branch of a US law firm in Vilnius, the firm has grown over three decades to become one of the largest law firms in the Baltic States. Today, TGS Baltic has 31 partners and more than 150 lawyers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, with more than €31 billion in major projects.

TGS Baltic is one of the few law firms in Lithuania that is now in its third decade of operation. It was one of the first firms in Lithuania to develop a corporate law practice and has worked with major Lithuanian and international companies since its inception.

„When Lithuania regained independence, we helped the first multinationals enter new markets, building legal practices from the ground up because, at that time, there were simply none in our region. The last thirty years have taken a tremendous amount of dedication and effort from our team – we have grown alongside the Lithuanian business leaders we have represented, from manufacturing to retail, energy, finance, and life sciences – it would be hard to name a sector that we have not contributed to. We have continuously learnt and improved to keep up with the changing needs of business and our responsible approach has paid off – we are internationally respected, our team includes the best experts in their respective fields, and some of our clients have been with us for over 30 years,“ says Eugenija Sutkienė, founder of TGS Baltic.

„Over thirty years, we have created a new commercial law services industry that meets Western standards. The development of commercial law firms such as TGS Baltic has also played a key role in the consolidation of a Lithuanian economy based on the rule of law and Western principles of the rule of law. During this period, the firm’s lawyers have contributed to a number of major national projects, executed hundreds of major mergers and acquisitions, and advised major Lithuanian and foreign companies. We promise to continue to strive for the best – to keep pace with the dynamic business environment and to continuously invest in our team,“ says Vilius Bernatonis, managing partner at TGS Baltic.

TGS Baltic specialises in key business industries – finance, retail and wholesale, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, technology, real estate development, private equity, and transport. Last year, TGS Baltic was ranked as the best and most recommended law firm in the Baltics in Kantar’s Prospera Law Firm Review 2021. This year, the firm was recognised as the best law firm in the Baltic States in the International Life Sciences Law Awards.

The firm’s trust and reputation in the market have been helped by the implementation of significant state projects. In addition, the lawyers regularly support private business initiatives that make a difference in the field of sustainability, which is why this year, TGS Baltic was included in the first global guide of lawyers advising businesses on climate change, ESG, and sustainability.

In total, TGS Baltic has completed around 5,000 projects and advised more than 1,500 Lithuanian and international companies.