TGS Baltic is the largest law firm in Lithuania

20.05.2019 TGS Baltic is the largest law firm in Lithuania

A leading Baltic law firm TGS Baltic is the largest law firm in Lithuania by the number of lawyers qualified as advocates. Based on data of the Lithuanian Bar Association as of 13 May 2019, there were 41 advocates working in the Lithuanian office of TGS Baltic. 

“We are delighted to be the largest law firm in Lithuania and we thank colleagues in the office for it, in the first place. The team and team spirit have always been a priority for TGS Baltic, therefore, we are really glad that we can be the largest law firm for our clients, understanding business and capable of being a sharp business partner in solving development issues,” Vilius Bernatonis, the Managing Partner of TGS Baltic, said. 

TGS Baltic became the largest law firm by the number of advocates in Lithuania after 1 January 2019, welcoming several top-qualification advocates on board. Also, several colleagues have passed the Bar exam.

“We are proud of our young professionals who have become advocates and who are really rising stars in the Lithuanian Bar system. It is Tadas Varapnickas and Rugilė Gediminskaitė. Advocates, who have joined the team from other companies have exceptional legal expertise and also many years of experience in business corporations. Such a mix of knowledge and competences is highly appreciated by clients, as they get added value – legal consultations come with an additional business mindset, analysis of development possibilities, recommendations. These are priceless in a competitive business,” he added. 

According to the data of the Lithuanian Bar Association (13 May 2019), TGS Baltic Lithuanian office had 41 advocates, Ellex Valiunas – 38, Sorainen – 35, Cobalt – 32, Glimstedt – 27 advocates.

Currently, more than 150 lawyers work in the offices of TGS Baltic across the Baltics.