TGS Baltic stands firm with Ukraine

28.02.2022 TGS Baltic stands firm with Ukraine

In these unprecedented times, TGS Baltic stands firm with Ukraine. We condemn the military aggression of Russia and Belarus against Ukraine. TGS people are taking all possible actions to help all Ukrainians.

  • TGS Baltic, going forward, will not work for clients where the Russian government-controlled entities have any direct or indirect equity interest (no matter the size). We are thoroughly re-examining our client relationships and final beneficiaries of our services. Where needed, services are being discontinued.
  • We are offering pro bono legal services with the value of EUR 250,000 to assist Ukrainian businesses who have gotten into a difficult situation due to the Russian aggression. If you need legal assistance in relocating employees, their families, obtaining institutional permissions, formalising donations or any other legal support, reach out to us at
  • Our offices are forming focus groups and preparing to assist clients on various issues relating to the consequences of the aggression.

TGS Baltic people have also joined and donated personal and firm funds to various volunteering initiatives, are actively participating in peaceful protests, are ready to offer shelter for Ukrainian refugees and are encouraging all our clients and contacts to respond to this unbearable situation and take stance.

Please support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine suffering their worst nightmare but showing the world the unbelievable strength and willingness to survive. Slava Ukraini!

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