TGS Baltic team joined by former judge Vytautas Zelianka

08.07.2021 TGS Baltic team joined by former judge Vytautas Zelianka

Vytautas Zelianka, former judge of the Civil Cases Division of the Court of Appeal of Lithuania, joined TGS Baltic, the biggest law firm in Lithuania.

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The experienced judge will perform the role of the Chief Expert specialising in litigation. V. Zelianka served as a judge for more than 21 years, he dealt with a number of most complicated headline-making cases. During his career, V. Zelianka was the chairman and a judge of the Vilnius Regional Court, a judge in the Vilnius City 3rd District Court and the District Court of Zarasai District, also worked in the Ministry of the Interior.

V. Zelianka says he has chosen TGS Baltic, holding the leading position in Lithuania and the Baltics, due to its professionalism and possibility to continue his persistent contribution to administration of justice in defence of people’s rights.

Vilius Bernatonis, Managing Partner at TGS Baltic, believes that V. Zelianka’s experience will be invaluable for the firm in national and international disputes.

“I am very pleased that V. Zelianka joins our firm's litigation team: many years in court, knowledge and expert insights will undoubtedly benefit our firm in the largest national and international disputes. Vytautas not only will get involved in ongoing proceedings but will also be responsible for development of the dispute resolution expertise in the firm,” says the head of TGS Baltic. 

TGS Baltic dispute resolution practice is among the strongest in the region, covering such areas as shareholder disputes, executives’ liability, unfair competition, damages, disputes over contracted work. Currently, the firm is defending the Republic of Lithuania, the Vilnius City Municipality and its company Vilniaus šilumos tinklai in unprecedented cases with the French energy company Veolia, represents clients in VP group shareholder disputes. Previously, TGS Baltic lawyers worked on headline-making dispute between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania and Russian gas concern Gazprom, in Ūkio bankas and Snoras bankruptcy cases.