Bankruptcy processes by economic activity

05.06.2020 Bankruptcy processes by economic activity

By Junior Associate Agata Zimariovaitė 

The analysis of bankruptcy processes by economic activity of legal entities initiated in QI 2020 shows that the majority of bankruptcy processes were initiated for the companies engaged in the following activities: 

  • Wholesale and retail trade (23.7%)
  • Construction (19.3%)
  • Manufacturing (10.2%)
  • Accommodation and catering services (7.5%)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical activities (7.1%)
  • Transport and storage (6.1%)

The comparison of the above data with the data for the respective period in 2019 shows that the number of bankruptcies in many activities has decreased or remained unchanged (e.g. education activities). A slight increase in the number of bankruptcy processes is observed in agriculture, forestry and fishing, water supply, waste water treatment, waste management and recovery activities, and accommodation and catering services.

Prepared according to: Overview of bankruptcy and restructuring processes of legal entities and bankruptcy processes of natural persons in January–March 2020

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