Main initiators of bankruptcy processes in QI 2020

01.06.2020 Main initiators of bankruptcy processes in QI 2020

By Associate Partner Žydrūnė Stuglytė 


On 1 January 2020, a new Law on Insolvency of Legal Entities came into effect but this did not bring any significant changes in terms of initiators of bankruptcy processes. As in previous years, the State Social Insurance Fund Board and the State Tax Inspectorate were the most active, initiating 40 percent and 25.6 percent of all bankruptcy proceedings, respectively, in QI 2020. Other initiators of bankruptcy processes fall into the following groups: other creditors of a company – 14.6 percent; company heads – 11.2 percent; owners – 6.4 percent; company employees – 2 percent.

Comparison of QI 2020 to a relevant period in 2019 shows that other creditors of a company were more active in initiating bankruptcy processes by 38.7 percent. It shows that creditors are becoming more active in defending their interests in relationship with business partners that face difficulties. It also indicates that company heads should become more active themselves in initiating bankruptcy processes instead of waiting for creditors to apply for initiation of bankruptcy proceedings. Only in this way will company heads avoid imposition of possible liability for late initiation of the company’s bankruptcy process. 

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