TGS Baltic advised AB Šiaulių bankas in the process of admission of EUR 20 million bond issue to trading on AB Nasdaq Vilnius

12 / 18

The bonds were admitted to trading in the said regulated market at the beginning of December.

TGS Baltic – Partner Vidmantas Drizga and Senior Associates Mantas Gofmanas and Sonata Krasauskienė – were legal advisors to the bank in the process, who drafted the prospectus of admission of the bonds to trading on the regulated market, as well as other documents in connection with the project, represented the bank before the Bank of Lithuania and before AB Nasdaq Vilnius during admission of the bonds to trading on this regulated market.

Šiaulių bankas, AB - Lithuanian Commercial Bank, providing financial services to business and private clients since 1992. Šiaulių bankas has 64 territorial divisions operating in 35 cities in all regions of the country. The bank provides universal financial services focusing on business and consumer finance.