Dr. Ieva Povilaitienė

Associate Partner

Vilnius, Lithuania

+370 5 251 4444; 251 4445

Lithuanian, English, Russian


Drafted internal legal documents for the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Participation in the project involved the preparation of internal documents regulating employment relationships and management, i.e. procedures of election of management bodies, rules of organising the work of management bodies, and regulations of structural units of the university. In implementing the project, the document drafts were adjusted to comply with applicable legislation, the Statute of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and other internal documents regulating the activity of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (2013);

Provided legal assistance to one of the major Lithuanian manufacturers of carton packages in a dispute concerning the recovery of remuneration. Legal services also included representing the client in relationships with the claimant and in judicial proceedings (2013-2014);

Provided legal services to a certain company in assessing the existing documentation and preparing draft documents on employment-related matters, including preparation of procedures of employee assessment, dismissal, and application of disciplinary measures to employees, job descriptions, the employment agreement with the manager, documents on structural changes, revision/assessment of the confidentiality agreement, documents on employees’ duty to declare any conflict of interests, consultations on introducing a new structure, drafting of documents on appointment (change) of members of management bodies (2009-2014);

Was a member expert of the working group. Services covered preparation and coordination with competent state authorities and institutions of proposals for reducing national administrative burden on business triggered by information obligations of national origin entrenched in the legislation of priority areas established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, after the implementation of which the national administrative burden on business would be reduced at least by 30 (thirty) per cent (hereinafter, the AB reduction proposals), and the assessment of the effect of the AB reduction proposals on national administrative burden on business in the priority areas. In preparing the proposals, in this context, business processes provided for in the legislation governing different business sectors, such as transport, territory planning, construction, etc., were assessed (2011);

Advised Skandia, one of the largest Sweden's banking and insurance groups, on the establishing a new operations centre in Vilnius (2015);

Counselled one of the major companies engaged in lease and maintenance of storage facilities in Lithuania on spinning-off and forming a new company on the basis of the assets, rights and obligations assigned to it. Legal consultations included the preparation of all necessary legal documents, the coordination of the spin-off process, general legal advice during the spin-off (2012);

Provided services and consultations concerning the selection of the model of unbundling the transmission and distribution activity of the organisation, description of the unbundling and the action plan, conditions of the unbundling, preparation of other documents necessary in the unbundling process (decisions of the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors, the reference document, the articles of association, documents on the transfer of employees, etc.) and related consultations (2013).


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  • Since 2017 labour dispute arbitrator of the Republic of Lithuania 
  • Since 2006 member of the Lithuanian Bar Association 
  • Member of the Working Group of Labour Market Regulation (Sunrise Commission), 2009


  • Since 2017 Associate Partner at law firm TGS Baltic (former TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE)
  • 20142017 Senior Associate at law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE
  • 20132014 Attorney-at-law at professional law partnership Baltic Legal Solutions Lietuva 
  • 20062013 assistant to attorney-at-law at professional law partnership Baltic Legal Solutions Lietuva 
  • Since 2002 lecturer at the Department of Labour Law, Faculty of Law, Vilnius University 
  • 20002006 senior specialist at the Private Law Department, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania 
  • 2000 specialist at the State Property Fund


  • 2012 Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania (PhD, Social Sciences)
  • 2000 Vilnius University, Faculty of Law (lawyer’s professional qualification equivalent to a Master’s degree in law)